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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
577418190216 16-Feb-2019 14-Mar-2019 automated next gene sequencer automated tb culture, drug sensitivity system horizontal gel i elect tenders
577218190216 16-Feb-2019 07-Mar-2019 term loan tenders
577118190216 16-Feb-2019 14-May-2019 sewing thread spun polyester og cotton sewing thread 210 d tex/2(28 s/2) scoured for aerospace pur tenders
577018190216 16-Feb-2019 14-May-2019 cordage nylon 1785n b.l.white cord nylon braided 2452-n / 250 kgs cordage nylon braied 250 kg oliv tenders
576918190216 16-Feb-2019 14-May-2019 tape adhesive film based 13 mm wide 100 % poly. tape 25 mm (roll length 100 m excluding sample) 10 tenders
576818190216 16-Feb-2019 14-May-2019 polychloroprene coated nylon fabric double texture kk-600 130 cms. wide polychloroprene coated nyl tenders
576718190216 16-Feb-2019 14-May-2019 self adhesive polythene bag size- 410 mm x 305 mm made from 0.04 mm thick polythene film. boxes fi tenders
576618190216 16-Feb-2019 14-May-2019 military cypres-2 (cypres for cff parachute) military altimeter luminous altitrack (altitrack alti tenders
575918190216 16-Feb-2019 14-May-2019 a4/1670-000125 triangular "d" ring for cargo parachute polyurethene foam 25 mm thick width 91.4cm tenders
575818190216 16-Feb-2019 14-May-2019 blended fabric polyester & cotton (67:33) 93+2-0 cm width fabric cotton 375 gms. og water repellan tenders
575018190216 16-Feb-2019 01-Mar-2019 construction of gos mess accommodation with 6 nos. suits and mess for shq bsf at radhabari siligur tenders
574918190216 16-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2019 construction of infrastructure at 41st bn. hq, ssb, siliguri under ftr hq ssb siliguri. sh :- cons tenders
574818190216 16-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2019 construction of regional centre for national security guard at new town rajarhat kolkata wb sh e f tenders
574418190216 16-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2019 vertical extension of additional floor over the existing building for dr. anjali chatterji regiona corrigendum
574318190216 16-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2019 construction of g plus 5 trc building at iacs jadavpur kolkata including sump well internal water tenders
574218190216 16-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2019 upgradation of residential buildings at kc block salt lake kolkata during 2018 19 sh repair renewi tenders
574118190216 16-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2019 construction of vat for garbage storage tenders
574018190216 16-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2019 construction of 509 border out post bops for border security force bsf along the indo-bangladesh b tenders
573818190216 16-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2019 repair and renovation of existing roof top water tank and r c c drain cover corrigendum
573718190216 16-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2019 ar and mo to non residential building at aayakar bhawan at p-7 chowringhee square kolkata during 2 tenders

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